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Course Synopsis & Instructions

Mental Health is one of those taboo subjects people don’t like talking about in the lunchroom. Yet mental health conditions are more common in the workplace than cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

Due to stigma, those suffering from a depression or anxiety disorder tend not to seek treatment and often suffer in silence, refusing to tell their closest friends, coworkers and even family members. At Encompass we believe there is a unique opportunity within the structured environment of a mental health receptive workplace to identify an individual in a mental health crisis, direct them to treatment at an early stage of their illness when treatment is most effective and support them during the recovery process without the fear of stigma.

This course introduces you to many of the key issues of workplace mental health. The course is divided into three modules in video format, available in the side menu. Module #1 takes approximately 1 hour to complete:

Module #1 in 5 Parts:

 Section 1 –
Understanding the most common mental health conditions in the workplace

 Section 2 – Understanding the financial impact to both you and your employer of mental health conditions in the workplace
 Section 3 – Workplace stress, violence, bullying and stigma

 Section 4 – How to create a mental health receptive workplace

Module #2
Learn more about Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety Disorders

Module #3
   YouTube videos – personal accounts of workplace mental health

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